Thursday, July 23, 2009

Aborigines and Uluru!

G'Day Mates,

Aborigines are the original occupants of Australia. Their culture can be found all over. Their art, music, and religion are easily recognized throughout the country. They are the oldest living culture in the world. Unfortunately the aborigine culture is quickly dissapearing and much of their land has been taken from them.

Many of the Aborigines who still practice their rituals live in tribes throughout the desert. A famous rock in the desert is considered a place of worship for many aboringinal tribes. This rock is one of the largest rocks in the world and can be found towards the center of Australia. Its aboriginal name is Uluru.

I flew to Uluru this past weekend and was in awe of its beauty. It glowed different shades of red, orange, brown, and purple at sunrise and sunset. Our tourguide gave us a detailed lesson about the aborignal cluture. He mentioned that the aborigines believed that rock was sacred and that visitors should not climb it. Some people climbed to the top but most visitors, including myself, opted to hike around it and show some "cultural sensitivity."

I saw many aboriginal petroglyphs throughout my hike. They represented numerous things they saw in their daily lives. Below is one of the most modern petroglyphs that they drew. It was drawn in 1959. What do you think this is a picture of? It's a tricky one. Think transportation. First person/class to get it correct will win a prize. Make sure to leave your name:)

Mr. Misner:)


  1. Mr. Dower's class:
    Ellie Formisano - a plane.
    Juliana Farias - a plane.
    Alejandra Espinoza - a plane.

    Mrs. Avlvarez's class:
    Al Berrospe - a plane.
    Ms. Barnett's class:
    Chris Fragoso - a jet plane.

    Mr. Dower thinks it is crocodile dundee's knife.
    Thanks! - Ms. Martinelli
    p.s. Don't watch the movie wolf creek - yikes!
    (from Mr. Dower)

  2. Question from Mr. Dower's class:
    What are you holding in your hand? (in picture with light blue shirt).
    Is it a baby crocodile? or a lizard?

    Also, what is the correct answer for the largest desert?

    thanks! - Ms. Martinelli

  3. Mrs. Deleo's class:
    Joseph Rizzo guesses the petroglyph is a river.
    Stephanie Acosta - the petroglyph is of a plane.

    thanks! Ms. Martinelli

  4. It looks like Mr. Aquino's brain.

  5. Mrs. Deleo's class
    Luis Gonzalez - a plane
    Luis Cuevas - a plane
    Joe Jones -a plane
    Agron Nuculaj - a plane
    Demetrius Rodriguez - a plane
    thank you - Ms. M

  6. Mrs. Rozanski's class:
    Jason Clarke - a compass
    Moises Alvarez - a compass
    Elizabeth Cardenas - a plane
    Melissa Barajas - a plane
    Manuel Aguilar - a plane
    Angel Baeza - a plane
    thanks! - Ms. Martinelli