Monday, July 20, 2009

Paluma Rain Forest!

G'Day Mates,
A professor at James Cook University was bringing his class to the Paluma Rainforest and was nice enough to allow me to tag along. We started our journey at the very top of the rain forest and eventually worked our way down to the bottom analyzing plants, animals, and water systems at each level. At the very top of the rainforest was a man built dam. This dam supplied Townsville Australia with a lot of their water.
Next, we headed down Paluma to the next level of streams. I found out that a lot of nutrients from the water can be found at the top of a waterfall. All of the water flows to this area so living organisms tend to hang around the area and grab the nutrients from the water. There is a blackish material all over the rocks near at the top of the waterfall. I rubbed my finger on it and guess what I saw!!!!! Check out the video below!!

Black Fly larvae!!! The larvae use tiny hooks at the end of their abdomens to attach to the rocks. Once the larvae catch enough nutrients they change into the pupa stage and remain under water until they emerge as an adult in a bubble that floats to the top! Cool!!!

We headed down to another stream and lifted rocks to find a variety of organisms that lived underneath them. Below are pictures of a crayfish and a spider. Both live in the stream and feed on other microorganisms. Don't worry we released the crayfish from the tube once everyone had a look:)
Overall it was an excellent day! Now for the question! Remember to leave your name in the response. This is an easy one. What stage of metamorphosis was not mentioned in the paragraph about the black flies? 1st one to get the answer right gets a prize when I get back!! Also, I'll have another post up by Wednesday so check back!!!!!

Mr. Misner


  1. Mrs. Deleo's summer group:
    Luis Gonzalez, the egg stage is left out.
    Jonathan Garcia said the egg stage is left out.
    (Jonathan Garcia is a new student to IEY 7th grade).

  2. Mr. Dower's summer group:
    MaryLou Dalo, the egg stage is missing from the paragraph.
    Ms. Denninger and Mrs. Generoso group:
    Sabrina Lopez, the egg stage is missing from the paragraph.

    Mr. Dower guesses the fly stage or the Misner stage is missing from the paragraph.

  3. Mrs. Schatoff's summer group:
    Isabela Meza says the egg stage is missing from the paragraph.
    Andres Medina says the egg stage is missing from the paragraph.
    -Ms. Martinelli

  4. Andres Medina, has a second guess, he says the adult stage is missing from the paragraph.

    Mariela Perez, her guess is the egg stage is missing from the paragraph!
    -Ms. Martinelli :)

  5. Mrs. Rozanski's summer group,
    Elizabeth Cardenas - the egg stage
    Melissa Barajas - the egg stage
    - Ms. Martinelli

  6. The answer was Egg!!!! Whoever wrote down egg as an answer can see me at the beginning of school and I'll give you an Australian Prize!!!:) Don't forget to see me!