Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Updated Winners!

Well anyone who guessed bats on my last blog entry was correct!! Although the first person is the one who is supposed to get a prize, I'll give something small to everyone who guessed correctly. Just see me in classroom as soon as school starts.

This includes:

1) Mr. Fullerton's Class
2) Joseph Jones
3) Rosa Gonzalez
4) Luis Gonzalez

5) Mr. Dower's Summer School Group
6) Ms. Denninger's and Ms. Generoso's group
7) Mr. Beck's Class
8) Oscar Perez
9) and Ms. Buran's Class

Some people left the correct answer but forgot to leave their name.

These bats are also known as fruit bats or Flying Foxes check out these close up pictures of them. Its scary to see them during the daylight.

Ms. Denninger's and Ms. Generosa's class wanted to know if it was ants or spiders that created the silk to close the leaves up. It was the Green Tree Ants. My lab partner found out that the ants are edible so he actually ate one!!! He said it tasted like lime. Watch the video, although it's a little hard to see the ant!!!

Well I'm headed to Paluma Rain Forest early tomorrow morning then flying directly to Ayers Rock for the weekend. I'll probably write about about both trips as soon as I get back from Ayers Rock on Monday. Don't Forget to check back and answer the questions for a chance to win a prize!!!

Mr. Misner:)


  1. Scott:
    Ms. Buran's class want to taste the ants. Can you bring some back for them?

    Tony Martino

  2. Hey Mr.Misner you're getting views unlike last week

    Emmanuel R.